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15th Aug

Read our lips – NO NEW COWPUNK. We’re bringing forth some old school cowpunk common sense to heal the musical wounds of this great nation. It is our plan to scour this great nation from the Florida Everglades to Chi-town to bring cowpunk you can believe in to the masses. Can we? Yes we can! [...]

4th Apr

We’re The Surreal McCoys, And We’re Sorry. We owe you folks an apology. Beginning in 1992, but especially during our triumphant run from 2005 to 2010, we’ve taken pride in our ability to market this band. To communicate our message. To speak with a collective band voice that seduces, overwhelms, chloroforms and then gently has [...]

16th Sep

The Surreal McCoys begin their Rocktober Revolution with comrades Walk of Shame at 8 pm Thursday, September 30th at Hard Rock Cafe in Washington, DC. Buy tickets for DC here! Then join the supreme struggle to create a Rockers Paradise as the campaign parades on from DC through the decadent streets of the Lower East [...]

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