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1st Oct
7th Nov

“Some day somebody’s gonna ask you A question that you should say yes to…” – The Old 97s Who are to argue with such timeless Rock-n-Roll wisdom? So when we got a call from our friend Billy Morrison—guitar god guitarist for Billy Idol—and he asks us the question of whether we want to share the [...]

7th Nov

Photos and review inside here: http://dcist.com/2013/10/click_click_camp_freddy_930_club.php#photo-1

7th Nov

Спасибо/Thank You to all of our friends, family and fans in DC. It was a whirlwind of music and mayhem in our nations capital. Thursday night found us at the residence of Irelands Ambassador to the US. Madam Ambassador Anne Anderson is the first female ambassador from Ireland to the US. The McCoys have always [...]

25th Sep
11th Sep

The Surreal McCoys present…The Day The Music Died Flashback: NYC. Lower East Side. Our heroes booked at an underground stage with an East Coast fetish convention holding court on the upper floors. McCoys fans filing through a maze of leather-clad drag queens and topless, ether-crazed Walter Cronkite look-a-likes to reach the cavern. A rockshow with [...]

3rd Jul

Thank you DC!

Well it’s been a month, but we wanted to send a belated but no less heartfelt “thank you” to all our wonderful friends in Washington DC who came to the May 17th Surreal McCoys Rock Show at Hill Country BBQ. It was a perfect night, a prefect venue, and a perfect crowd. A capacity crowd. [...]

8th May

Meet Erik Huey. Government relations pro representing the video game industry during the day and rock star by night. Literally the man is a rock star, which you can see for yourself next Friday. Huey will be playing with his band, The Surreal McCoys, at Hill Country. Luckily he had a few minutes between levels [...]

8th May
24th Apr

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