Well it’s been a month, but we wanted to send a belated but no less heartfelt “thank you” to all our wonderful friends in Washington DC who came to the May 17th Surreal McCoys Rock Show at Hill Country BBQ.

It was a perfect night, a prefect venue, and a perfect crowd.

A capacity crowd. Hopped up on brisket, brown liquor, and crazy positive energy.

And for 27 songs over two sweat-soaked hours, we all joined together to hoot and holler our way through the American Cow Punk Songbook. We played songs off our first record, songs off our upcoming record, and songs shouted from the audience we didn’t even know we knew.

Together, we stomped firmly on the terra, howled loudly into the distance, and for a couple of glittering hours on a warm Friday night in May, we melted a few bars of the cage. The night ended-appropriately-with the crowd onstage, dancing with the band until the final sacred chord rang out into the DC darkness.

Because as we said onstage that night: without you, there is no us. We are The Surreal McCoys—not just the five of us—but all of us. So thank you. From the bottom of our Rock-n-Roll hearts.

Thanks to those of you who came to this show, those who came to past shows, and to those we’ll see at future shows.

We love you DC, and can’t wait to come back and play for you again. We’ll drain the tank (not to mention a few bottles of Jameson’s) with you any time! Special thanks to Doug Davenport and the good folks at Hill Country–Rachael, Dave, and the legendary Jesse Scott–for making this happen! And bonus thanks to Benjamin Herman and Chris Abi-Najm for their spectacular photos of the gig!

Yours in Rock,

The Surreal McCoys

Clint Ready to Pounce (Photo by Benjamin Herman)

Elvis Smiling Wryly and Drinkin' Rye (Photo by Chris Abi-Najm)

Goatboy Rockin' Out (Photo by Chris Abi-Najm)

Billy Saul Droppin' the Hammer & the Honey (Photo by Benjamin Herman)

Cletus Crocket McCoy (Photo by Chris Abi-Najm