“Some day somebody’s gonna ask you
A question that you should say yes to…”
- The Old 97s

Who are to argue with such timeless Rock-n-Roll wisdom? So when we got a call from our friend Billy Morrison—guitar god guitarist for Billy Idol—and he asks us the question of whether we want to share the stage with his Sunset Strip Super Group Camp Freddy at their Halloween Rock Costume Extravaganza at DC’s legendary 930 Club, our temptation was to not only say “yes,” but “OH HELLS YES!!” But we played it cool. Said we’d check our schedule.

But the pot kept getting sweeter. Play on the same stage with Billy, Dave Navarro, Scott Weiland, Sebastian Bach, Mark McGrath, Zakk Wylde, Chris Chaney (Jane’s Addiction), Josh Freese (Replacements), Frankie Perez, and Donovan Leitch? PLUS it’s a benefit for Wounded Warriors? AND we get to play a VIP showcase at Gibson Guitar Lounge the night before with Billy DJ-ing? Are you freakin’ kidding?