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Who are the Surreal McCoys? Think Johhny Cash mixed with The Clash, with a strong chaser of the Stones, the Replacements, and the Drive-By Truckers for good measure.

Ranked #1 in the Readers’ AND Critics’ polls for whiskey-soaked, snake-handlin’, soul-savin’ music, their blistering concerts feature all the hits from their debut album The Bottle & The Gun, as well as new songs from their upcoming release The Howl & The Growl.

They’re often described as “The Band You Wanna Be In.” And as any veteran of their live show will attest, by the concert’s end you ARE in the Surreal McCoys—joining the band onstage to grab a stray cowbell, maraca, or a microphone.

They’ve played stages from the Corn Belt to the Porn Belt–from the Viper Room in Hollywood to Fontana’s in NYC to a maximum-security prison outside of Pittsburgh—and everyone who has ever seen them leaves their shows sweaty and ecstatic, exuberant and exhausted.

So be on the lookout for the Surreal McCoys on our never-ending “Three Chords and a Cloud of Dust/One-Stop World Tour”–it’s rolling on and coming to a town near you!


Billy Saul
On drums…the heartbeat of America. A proud Irish American who loves the wearing o’ the green, he was recently exposed to deadly gamma rays in a lab experiment gone awry. He’s a Highland Gamer, who’ll keep rhythm all night and throw a hammer at your head in the morning…From the Low Country of Carolina, weighing in at 15 stone and 7 metric tons… Billy Saul McCoy!

And on bass, a West Coast guy who has a penchant for the Eastern Bloc. Beneath his mild-mannered exterior beats the throbbing heart of a Soul Brother Extraordinaire! He possesses more funk in his right index finger than exists on the entire island of Manhattan south of 110th Street. He’s strong enough for a man, but made for a woman. The true God of Thunder.

From the Fighting Town of Short Bus, Arizona. Weighing in at 124 pounds, soaking wet… Clinton McCoy!!!

Goat Boy
If the nation’s top geneticists were to team up with Salvador Dali and David Lynch on the Island of Doctor Moreau, they could not begin to approximate a creature with the sublime and bizarre majesty of the man the world calls Goat Boy. Back when the McCoys invited him to join the band, we had no idea that he had any musical talent. We’d just invite him up on stage every night because he’d eat anything for a nickel… including a dime. On rhythm guitar, harmonica, the phallic maraca, any squeeze box he can git his arms around, and an instrument known in prison jargon only as “The Icy Mike”…From the fighting town of Baaaaaaton Rouge, Louisiana… the inimitable Goat Boy McCoy!!!

What can be said about this next man that hasn’t already been splashed on every tabloid cover and wanted poster this side of the Pecos? Part gunslinger, part troubadour, part Bigfoot… he’s an axe-wielding musical genius whose Blood Alcohol Content never drops below a comfortable .25. The Czar of the Guitar. The Titan of Twang. You’ve got his velvet painting on the wall of your trailer. From the fighting town of Fishspackle, Montana… Elvis McCoy!!!

Cletus McCoy
And on lead vocals and messianic posturing, the shy and retiring
front-man who doesn’t go in for the whole self-aggrandizement thing…
From Parts Unknown… Cletus McCoy!!!