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The Hard Rock is Elvis Approved…..

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DC Practice at The Rookery

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After many hours and miles, the McCoys arrived in DC and began to figure out what the list of musical goodies would look like that we’d deliver to our fans.

Tommy Londrigan and Clinton McCoy relaxing outside the Rookery.

Clint easing into the Thunderbird bass…..

Billy Saul and I would like to thank all our Ohio fans that show’d up for the improptu show at the Toledo Airport 2:30am Wednesday. Wm. Saul and I were on our way to join Brother Clint, Goat Boy and Cleetis in Washington DC for our 2010 East Coast tour. Our standard launching point for the mid-west McCoy brothers is the Toledo airport in Toledo Ohio. We met at 2am to transfer gear into the McCoys trailer and were met by a gaggle of our fans who could get East to see the Rock Shows, but wanted a little bit of McCoy music – unplugged style. Click here for a quick peak of our “60% Less Fat Toledo Express Show”

McCoys Begin Migration to East Coast

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Big Black Diesel is leaving TC tonight with Kevin Washburn, Rory Murphy, a 30-pack of PBR, a ½ pack of cigarettes, some dark sunglasses and a 5th of Jameson’s.

 It looks like Erik has done a great job of marketing this gig. We should have some good numbers in the bar.


 Remember all that stuff about not drinking? I was kidding. But we will stop and eat during the trip.


I will have a 5×8 single axel trailer for musical gear and empties.

Erik says we can access the bar for practice at 10am. I don’t know if that EST [Erik Standard Time i.e. not on time] but we’ll plan on pulling in to DC around 9:30am. I have polished and tuned all GB’s guitars and amps and can begin work on polishing his boots and belt buckle once he arrives. His gear will be in tip top order. As far as how he plays it, I can’t help. It’s in God’s hands.



 Toledo Express Airport to DC is 481 miles. Most of that is highway going 70+. I’m guessing we’re 7.5 hours from Toledo to DC

 If we want to arrive at 9:30am, shall we say 2am at the Toledo Express Airport? Ohio McCoys fans should be aware that there will be an impromptu acoustic set in the Toledo Express Airport parking lot at 2am. This will involve Elvis on guitar, Wm. Saul on wash basin or hubcap, Rory on harmonica and K-Dub on slide geetar.

 TC to Toledo Express Airport is 300 miles. Let’s call it 5 hours. If we go with meeting Billy Saul at Toledo Express at 2am, then the Big Black Truck leaves Duey, Cheatum and Howe’s parking lot at 9pm?

 I’m going to try to keep the speeding to a minimum.

Unless there is some kinda accident, we’ll see Walk of Shame, Cleetis, Clint and GB at 10am at the practice space.



-Elvis McCoy

It even has that new car smell……

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Glad the Mccoys have entered the most recent decade. We’re planing on posting quite a bit from the road as we enter the East Coast Tour 2010.

Toledo Airport Parking lot tomorrow night at midnight. Wm. Saul and Elvis will perform a short acoustic show to kick off their trek eastward for the big show at the Hard Rock in DC Thursday night.

Jameson’s will be served.


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Poster Art

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Previous Shows

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South Bend, IN
Friday, September 10, 2010
Simeri’s Old Time Tap


ND/Southern Cal. Weekend
Friday, October 16th, 2009
Simeri’s Old Town Tap, South Bend IN


Friday, August 14th, 2009
Minneapolis MN, Minneapolis MN, The Whiskey Junction
Concert to Benefit The Junior League of Minneapolis


Saturday, August 15th, 2009
“The Festival Of The Goat”
St. Paul Pool and Yacht Club – Private Party


May 8th 2009,
Push Ultra Lounge, St. Petersburgh Florida


September 26th, 2008
Simeri’s Old Town Tap, South Bend, Indiana


July 26th, 2008 –
Rooftop of the historic Warner Theater,
Washington, DC


The Surreal McCoys – “HIGHWAY 79 REVISITED TOUR”
Thursday, April 10th & Saturday, April 12th, 2008

Thursday, April 10, 2008 -
123 Pleasant Street, Morgantown, WV

Saturday, April 12, 2008 -
Club Cafe, (South Side) Pittsburgh, PA


Should you plan on running afoul of the law, we recommend that you note the following information about our first ever prison concert and use it to your advantage during the sentencing phase of your trial:

Friday, April 11, 2008 -
State Correctional Institute
Fayette Brownsville, PA
(not open to the public)


September 20th, 2007 -
Union Street Station, Traverse City, MI.


September 21st, 2007 -
Simeri’s Old Towne Tap, South Bend, Indiana.


May 19th, 2007 -
Fontana’s, New York, New York.


May 18th, 2007 -
The Staples Center, Washington DC.


September 15th, 2006 -
JT’s Sports Bar, Granger Indiana


September 14th, 2006 -
Union Street Station, Traverse City, Michigan


March 4th, 2006 – The Viper Room, West Hollywood California.


November 4th, 2005 –
Sportspage Bar and Grill, Granger Indiana


EARLY 90’s

Countless shows throughout the Midwest, most of which are lost to the ends of time and the ravages of the demon liquor. Some high/low-lights from this era– which music folklorists have long dubbed “Back When Elvis McCoy Had Only One Chin”– include but are not limited to:

Senior Bar (Notre Dame)

McCormick’s (South Bend, IN)

Club 23 (South Bend, IN)

Notre Dame Law School Talent show (winner)
Michigan City Prison (Michigan City, IN)

Some rental house on Lake Michigan

Rockers of the World, Unite!!

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The Surreal McCoys begin their Rocktober Revolution with comrades Walk of Shame at 8 pm Thursday, September 30th at Hard Rock Cafe in Washington, DC.

Buy tickets for DC here!

Then join the supreme struggle to create a Rockers Paradise as the campaign parades on from DC through the decadent streets of the Lower East Side in Manhattan (Fri 10/1-Fontanas, 9 pm) and the Manayunk section of Philadelphia (Sat 10/2-Dawson St Pub, 8 pm).

Throw off the yoke of sensory oppression and join the collective as these Rock Revolutionaries play the anthems of the people* from their Little Red Songbook of Americana, cow punk, alt-country, and vintage rock-n-roll.

Become a shining red star in your own cult of personality by joining the band onstage to play cowbell, shaker, hammer, sickle… whatever is handy.

Spread the Pravda by emailing, Facebook-ing and Tweeting your friends who live in these three cities and urge them to uphold the cause by partaking in this musical opiate of the masses… or risk exile in Soft Rock Siberia.

Through Rock we shall conquer!

Viva la revolucion!

* Shameless Capitalist Promotion–The Surreal McCoys debut disc, “The Bottle & The Gun” is available on iTunes and Amazon and at www.thesurrealmccoys.com

Walk of Shame: http://www.walkofshamedc.com/

Fontanas: http://www.fontanasnyc.com/

Dawson Street Pub: http://www.dawsonstreetpub.com/

Hard Rock Café DC: http://www.hardrock.com/locations/cafes3/cafe.aspx?LocationID=102&MIBEnumID=3

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